School Events

Tzu Chi Elementary School invites families and friends of students to attend our schoolwide events. We have many exciting events for our community and are very lucky to have so many dedicated volunteers, teachers, staff, and students to help us make each event special!


October - Halloween Celebration

We begin the celebration with a costume parade by our students. As our students walk around the courtyard, parents can snap photos of their students and their costumed classmates! Afterwards, students break up into groups with their friends across grade levels to check in at different play booths. We have the ever popular Cake Walk, where students who stop at a lucky number are able to get a tasty treat from our dessert table. We have the crafting station where students can make cute ornaments or magnets. We have face painting, a photo booth, a bean toss ladder, and other games! It is a family friendly event that parents and kids enjoy.

November - Thanksgiving Celebration

Food addicts will love the Tzu Chi Thanksgiving Celebration! Parents bring homecooked meals or catered food to a schoolwide feast. We encourage families to bring their own utensils and plates to stay green and some containers to bring any leftover food home. 

December - Winter Celebration

Students make gifts for family and friends, which they give out on the day of our celebration.

February 2017 - Chinese New Year Celebration

Students from TCES and the preschool perform songs for family and friends. 


2016-2017 活動報導 School Event News

Chinese New Year Celebration

October Halloween Celebration



2015-2016 活動報導 School Event News

20160401 祖父母日 Grandparents Day

20160218 南台灣大地震募心募款活動 Fundraising for Taiwan earthquake

20160205 農曆新年慶祝活動 Chinese New Year Celebration

2014-2015 活動報導 School Event News

20151225 耶誕活動 Christmas

20151024 萬聖節活動 Halloween Event

20150327 祖父母日 Grandparents Day

20150213 農曆新年慶祝活動 Chinese New Year Celebration

2013-2014 活動報導 School Event News

20141217 耶誕節慶祝活動 Christamas Event

20140818 暑期成果表演 Summer Showcase

20140606 五歲班畢業典禮 Kinder Promotion

20140516 美國總會尋根之旅 San Dimas Field Trip

20140502 母親節活動 Mother's Day Event

2014 花園及推肥課程 Gardening and Composting Class

20140124 歲末新春活動 Chinese New Year Celebration

2012-2013 活動報導 School Event News

20131223美國慈濟小學歌聲送暖 Carolling

20131213慈小「愛灑」耶誕活動 Christmas Event

20130711~0717美國慈小學暑期班 Summer Camp

20130727~0801慈小女童軍活動&水果沙拉「心」滋味 Girl Scout & Making Salad 


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