2019-2020 Registration Information ~~Enrolling Now!!


如您想註冊2019-2020學年度,請您詳讀簡章,並填妥註冊表如下 page1-4,報名手續如下:


The 2019-2020 Registration information and forms are as the links below. Please read through the Registration Information, and follow the enrollment process as below.


1. 下載新生註冊報名表共四頁,印出後填妥。

Please print out the link below (page 1-4) registration forms, total 4 pages, and fill it out.


2. 新生/插班生註冊(Enrollment for New Students): 

**註冊日期:4/28/2019 & 5/12/2019 上午9:3011:00,親至人文學校辦公室辦理註冊,地址在爾灣高中:4321 Walnut Avenue, Irvine, CA 92604 

New student registration date and location: 4/28/2019 & 5/12/2019 from 9:30AM to 11:00 AM at Irvine High School (4321 Walnut Avenue, Irvine, CA 92604). Please personally turn in the registration form and tuition. 


3. 請用現金或支票付款,學費和才藝班學費需要分開兩張支票,支票抬頭: Tzu Chi Academy, Irvine

Pay by cash or check. Please issue 2 checks, if you'd like to enroll in both Chinese class and elective class.  Make Check payable toTzu Chi Academy, Irvine


  19-20 registration information - final 

  new student registration form_page 1

  permission and agreement_page 2

  new student tuition and refund policy_page 3

  registration form for elective_page 4


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