8/15/18 開學通知


竭誠歡迎貴子弟加入加州聖迪瑪斯慈濟人文學校,2018-2019 學年度課程。

新生家長說明會:08/18/18 (六)。

時間:9:00 am ~ 12:00 pm。

地點:教育大樓,#2 號教室。

購買制服:11:00 am 開始。

支票抬頭:Tzu Chi Academy。

各價目表:慈濟Logo白色短袖制服上衣 $10.00,長袖 $15.00,慈濟書包 $26.00。


開學日/ 家長/老師相見歡:08/19/18 (日)。

上課時間:9:00 am ~ 12:30 pm。


學生制服:慈濟logo 白色短袖制服上衣,深藍色卡其布料長褲 (請勿穿牛仔褲和緊身褲),



- 本學年度開始,將採用"美洲華語"的中文教材,此教材專為美洲地區1-12年級學生編輯




- 各班級教室位置圖,請在開學日當天於學校門口進門處查看。



如有任何的疑問及建議,請洽詢人文學校 909-447-7799 ext 551或email: Email住址會使用灌水程式保護機制。你需要啟動Javascript才能觀看它


聖迪瑪斯慈濟人文學校 恭敬合十

8/15/18 Back to School Notice

Dearest parents, greetings!

We extend a warm welcome to students starting Tzu Chi Academy, San Dimas, School year 2018-19.

Introductory meeting for new students: 08/18/18 ( Saturday).

Time: 9:15 am ~ 12:00 pm.

Location: Main education building, #2 classroom.

Purchase of school uniforms: 11:00 am starts.

Make checks payable to: Tzu Chi Academy.

Price: White shirts short sleeves with Tzu Chi logo $10.00, long sleeves $15.00,

Tzu Chi backpack $26.00. ** Parents are welcome to stay for Lunch, Please bring a reusable

container/bowl and silverware and cup!

Start date/Parent/Teacher meet : 08/19/18 ( Sunday).

Class hours: 9:00 am ~ 12:30 pm.

Opening ceremony, Parents are welcome to attend.

School uniform: White short sleeve shirt with Tzu Chi logo, dark blue khaki trousers (please no jeans or

tight fitting trousers). White socks, white sneakers, Tzu Chi backpack. **Dark blue khaki trousers may

be purchased at Kohl's, Target, Walmart.

- The Academy will be using Mei Zhou Chinese textbooks, Grades 1 to 12. Material chosen and

method of instruction is geared towards Chinese students in North America. Each section

contains illustrations and stories to assist student ability in listening, speaking, reading and

writing Chinese.

- Location of classrooms is shown on a wall map near the main entry. Please consult this before

proceeding to your classroom.

We sincerely hope that parents will join us as volunteers on Sundays, so that we may together educate

and raise our children to become contributors to society.

Should you have any questions or comments, please contact us at: 909-447-7799 ext 551 or email: Email住址會使用灌水程式保護機制。你需要啟動Javascript才能觀看它


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