2018 年 慈濟人文課程 --- 中國結的製作







活動名稱:2018年  慈濟人文課程--- 中國結的製作

時間:2018年10月7日上午11:00 -11:45

地點:2675 Ralston Ave, Belmont, CA (Room  26)





2018 Tzu Chi Humanities Class - Making of Chinese Knots


Chinese knots are a form of handicraft that displays customary Chinese folk art. ­Ropes or string are used in making Chinese knots, and the knots are distinguished and named by their shape and meaning. Knots can be combined with other knots and lucky items to create a Chinese knot that symbolizes good luck and fortune. The combination of Chinese knots with modern ideas has appeared in numerous new products.

On October 7th, Ms. Kelly Chang led the sixth and seventh grade classes in making their own Chinese knots. She hoped that the students were able to learn the skill of making a Chinese knot through determination and patience. Also, she wishes that the students will share their ability in making Chinese knots with their friends, and bring about luck and good fortune for all their families. Next, Ms. Kelly Chang gave each student four strands of string. Although reluctant at first, the children played with the string, and happiness became apparent on all their faces. The children intently listened to Ms. Kelly's instructions and were focused in learning how to make their own Chinese knot. Even the boys were able to direct their attention on the craft. The results of the activity became evident as each student was soon holding their own lucky knot. Under the tutelage of the teachers and parent volunteers, the students were able to create extraordinary pieces of artwork that they may want to share with others in the future.


Event: 2018 Tzu Chi Humanities Class - Making of Chinese Knots

Time: Oct. 7, 2018 at 11:00am -11:45am

Location: 2675 Ralston Ave, Belmont, CA (Room 26)

Article: Julia Cheng

Photos: W.W.Looi

Translator: Valerie Kuo, Jessica Lee





中國結製作 Making of Chinese Knots


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