2018 校內靜思語說故事比賽


推廣靜思語,讓孩子在成長的路上,不只是注重成績,更懂得做人做事的道理,聖馬刁慈濟人文學校舉辦靜思語說故事比賽, 為鼓勵孩子多讀多聽多說靜思語,深入了解靜思語意涵,多與他人分享,並將靜思語融入在日常生活中,藉由說故事比賽讓學生有機會以生動活潑的方式表達靜思語深度內涵、促進自我心靈的提昇與成長。



有別於嚴肅演講,這場靜思語說故事比賽,小朋友們用心設計,自製道具,演講搭配手勢,對於自己上台比賽,用心、下了功夫。讓台下觀眾目不轉睛,一起走進這不一樣的靜思語世界。 情境模擬、角色扮演,利用聲線的變化說故事,台下觀眾聽得入迷。經過靜思語說故事比賽, 不管是現實生活的經驗,還是寓言。小朋友們各顯本領,有別於漫畫、書法的比賽方式,這群小朋友要用說的,「聲」入人心。 








活動名稱: 靜思語說故事比賽

時間: 2018-12-9 上午11:00 – 11:45

地點: 2675 Ralston Ave, Belmont, CA 

攝影、照相: 雷遠華

文稿: 鄭瑞曄



2018 Tzu Chi School Wide Still Thought Compendium Story Telling Competition


Introducing still thought compendiums to children by encouraging exposure to them through reading, listening, and understanding will help the children understand the meaning of the language and incorporate them in their daily lives. Through this competition, Tzu Chi hopes to teach students that grades are not the most important part of their growth, but rather how to be a good citizen and contributor to society. The competition is made to aid students on using physical expression to grasp a deeper understanding of the still thought compendiums while fostering a growth mindset.


            This year the students in the traditional class were split into four different groups to tell stories. Each student displayed their ability through their showcase of aphorisms. Different from traditional speeches, the students put in a lot of hard work and effort to design props and create gestures for the competition. The audience was held star-struck in the still thought compendium world. Situational simulations, role-playing, and changes in voice projection were used to tell the story. Through this competition, whether in life experiences or fables, the children gain unique experiences that are different than those of comic and calligraphy competitions.


            The nine students in the traditional class stood on stage and told the story with precise use of the Chinese language. Although this may prove to be an easy feat for native Chinese speakers, to the Asian Americans, the task was a challenge. The quality of the performance moved the judges with the completion of such a challenging task.


            A lot of parents were moved by this competition because it gave the students a chance for learning how to combine both story-telling and still thought compendiums. Many parents who signed their children up in hopes of their children learning public speaking, more in depth knowledge, or just the feeling of competition were satisfied that their children gained valuable learning experience in the process of the competition. One parent even said that this competition will pull together the relationships between people. No matter what the children experience in life, the ability of story-telling is valuable in communication in sharing ideas and drawing engagement.


            From the point of view of the school, the goal of the activity was to help produce a world filled with the most educated children. The hopes of having children that are able to make positive contributions to the society while achieving high character in their daily lives would be the ideal result of introducing the competition.




Event: 2018 Tzu Chi School Wide Still Thought Compendium Story Telling Competition

Time: Dec. 9, 2018 at 11:00am -11:45am

Location: 2675 Ralston Ave, Belmont, CA (Room 14)

Article: Julia Cheng

Photos: W.W.Looi

Translator: Valerie Kuo, Jessica Lee









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