2019年 新春素食義賣園遊會


聖馬刁慈濟人文學校一年一度的盛事— 新春素食義賣園遊會,於二O一九年二月十日隆重登場!人文學校舉辦春節園遊會已多年,累積豐富經驗,當天一早,許多名志工即到舊禮堂設置攤位所需的桌椅,準備這一次的「新春素食義賣」,全校師生、家長及志工們通力合作,希望藉此讓大家了解素食的好處,人人節能減碳,用實際行動愛護地球,成就一場素食義賣園遊會,人人吃得健康,玩得開心,扣除成本後義賣淨所得將全數作為學校基金。













活動名稱: 2019年新春素食義賣園遊會

時間:2019-2-10 上午10:30-12:00

地點:2675 Ralston Ave, Belmont, CA  舊禮堂

文稿 : 鄭瑞曄




2019 New Year’s Vegetarian Food Event

The annual event of the San Mateo Tzu Chi Chinese School Vegetarian Food Sale Event took place on February 10, 2019. The Humanities Chinese School has held the Spring Festival Food Sale for numerous years and accumulated lot of experience. On the morning of the event, many volunteers showed up to the multi-purpose room early to help set up tables and chairs. The teachers, students, and volunteers help explain the importance having a vegetarian diet. Not only does eating a vegetarian diet help save energy, it also reduces uses of carbon. It helps take care of the earth from the gases given off from other processed meats. This event provides both nutritious food and is fun to participate in, the proceeds help support the Chinese school as well.

In order to make the charity event possible, the 17 classes all had volunteers step-in with coming up with food items that are healthy and popular among children. Games and puzzles also went along with the stations to make the event more interactive. The various food dishes in the event included fried rice, noodles, and even handmade Taiwanese red bean cakes. The most popular school tradition that was there also was the pearl milk tea!

Everywhere in the event, parents were buying and trying the different food items. Children had fun exploring the games, while given the opportunity in trying new types of food items. The beverage booths were in abundance this year including pearl milk tea and all kinds of juices. The marshmallows and popsicles were mouth watering and a treat available to everyone.

 In the event, all the classes and Tzu Chi came up with ideas for traditional Taiwanese snacks like sesame balls, moon cakes, tea eggs, fried noodles, sushi, Korean noodles, and tea. Other food like eggs, corn soup, shell powder, Shanghai onion oil noodles, cupcakes, Burmese rice cakes, glutinous rice filled the auditorium with savory smells. Surprising to many, vegetarian food can be just as delicious as dishes with meat. For those parents from Asia, the dishes brought back childhood memories because the dishes are rare in the United States. The Tzu Chi volunteers were spread out between greeting guests, collecting money, or running booths. However, the overall success of the event shows the efficiency of the Tzu Chi organization.

The New Year charity sale activities allowed everyone to work together in harmony. This reflected the heart and soul of the organization of Tzu Chi. This event was truly one to remember.


Event: 2019 New Year's Vegetarian Food Event

Time: Feb. 10, 2019 at 10:30am -12:00pm

Location: 2675 Ralston Ave, Belmont, CA multi-use room

Photos, video: W.W.Looi

Article : Julia Cheng

Translator: Valerie Kuo, Jessica Lee