2018-2019 人文課花道教學


聖馬刁慈濟人文學校 2018 - 2019學年度在學校舉行「人文課花道教學」。由慈濟靜思花道蘇素惠老師介紹花材和插花示範,每個學生也動動手體驗插花的藝術。蘇素惠老師以深入淺出的方式,引導學生進入花道的世界,瞭解生活的藝術,豐富生命,陶冶、美化心靈,提升內涵。


在老師講解之前,師姊和愛心爸爸、媽媽們已把一盤盤裝滿花材和花器的圓盤端出,分別放在每張桌子上,當小朋友入座時,現場立即引起一陣騷動,原來小朋友都愛不釋手地玩弄起來了! 蘇老師要小朋友閉上眼睛,聽著音樂,把心先靜下來,隨即老師講解如何開始插花,頓時大家開始忙碌起來了,小朋友一個個聚精會神插起花來,師姊們也忙碌穿梭在桌與桌之間幫忙著。蘇老師叮嚀小朋友,每一朵花都有生命,不要把太多花插在一起,太擠了反而雜亂,要讓花葉有伸展空間,花才能呼吸,姿態也才會優雅。看那一張張可愛的小臉嚴肅又專注,小心翼翼的用小手把花與葉插在花器上,認真的神情令人感動!老師又說了:「每一朵花都有它的生命與意義,所以我們要用恭敬、感恩、愛惜的心,來插出一盤美麗的花盤,不只讓人歡喜與人結好緣,而且還可以培養小朋友的藝術涵養和創造能力喔!」





活動名稱:  人文課花道教學

時間:   2019 - 2 - 24 上午10:00 – 12:00

地點: 2675 Ralston Ave, Belmont, CA  舊禮堂

攝影、照相: 雷遠華

文稿: 鄭瑞曄



2018-2019 Learning the Art of Flower Arrangements

During the 2018-2019 school year, Tzu Chi Chinese Academy hosted a flower arrangement lesson. This flower arrangement lesson was led by Sophia Su. He introduced the art of flower arrangement through elaborate demonstrations. Through the use of both brief, but in depth descriptions Sophia Sushowed students the world of art found in flower arranging. This showed students the art of a fulfilling life and the path to cultivating the soul.

Before the instructions of Sophia Su, Tzu Chi volunteers spent time setting up the tables with supplies for the activity. Upon arrival, the students were filled with excitement and started playing with the supplies. Before the lesson, Sophia Suasked the children to close their eyes, listen to music, and to have a peaceful mind. After instruction, the room began teeming with activity of both the students and teachers hard at work. Sophia Suwas there constantly reminding kids that flowers are living things as well and should be treated with respect. Common problems pointed out were having too many flowers in an arrangement, or the flowers being too crowded to give off an arrangement’s beauty. Surprisingly, arrangements that were too perfect made the arrangement seem unnatural. The children were hard at work, but also having a good time. The teacher reminded everyone that the art of flower arrangement could help cultivate a child’s artistic ability.

As the lesson came to an end, the children all showed great care in holding their flower arrangements. As the teacher asked the children to share their feelings about the day’s lesson, the room was filled with hands eager to answer. Some said that the flowers were pretty, while others said they really enjoyed making flower arrangements. Afterwards the teachers of every class explained the meaning of having a life being fulfilling. The children learned that life is like a mirror, and others will treat you the same way you treat them. The teachers hope that this class will teach the children to cherish the environment and grow a love for nature. A small seed only takes care, watering, and fertilizing to grow into beautiful flowers.



Event: 2018-2019 Learning the Art of Flower Arrangements 

Time: Feb. 24, 2019 at 10:00am -12:00pm

Location: 2675 Ralston Ave, Belmont, CA multi-use room

Photos, video: W.W.Looi

Article : Julia Cheng

Translator: Valerie Kuo, Jessica Lee