2019 賓茂國中- GHF舊金山教育交流活動








活動名稱: 2019 賓茂國中- GHF舊金山教育交流活動

 時間: 2019-3-31 上午11:00 – 12:00

地點: 2675 Ralston Ave, Belmont, CA 

攝影、照相: 葉台美、黃郁芬

文稿: 鄭瑞曄


2019 Binmao Middle School- GHF San Francisco Student Exchange Event


Binmao won the 2018 Taiwan Education Innovation Scholar Award. On March 27th, the principal Hong Wenzheng led 12 teachers and students on an exchange trip to San Francisco. For the exchange trip, Binmao prepared a talent show using English to explain the school’s inventions and the Paiwan tribe culture. The school hopes that the children can bring back the experience they get from the foreign exchange learning.

The teachers and students from Taiwan spent numerous hours in their attempt to bring Paiwan culture to the U.S. First they had the students immerse themselves in regular schools to adapt to the English speaking environment. The students had to learn how to effectively explain their innovations purely in English. Binmao as a school rewrote Paiwan tribe songs in English. This challenge of learning a new language and using it to reflect one’s culture shows the pride these Binmao children and teachers have for their unique culture. They helped explain the significance and existence of a native tribe in Taiwan that holds importance in being the second largest indigenous group in Taiwan.

On March 31st, the students and teachers of Binmao visited the Belmont Tzu Chi Academy for performances. They explained the Paiwan culture to the students and teachers at Tzu Chi. Their performances were loved by everyone and they surrounded with the attention of the Tzu Chi school. The Paiwan folk songs and dances are valuable assets of Taiwan and Tzu Chi was fortunate enough to experience this culture. There are countless growing cultures within Taiwan and the tribe’s goal was to spread the beauty of Taiwan native land.

The time spent by the Binmao school can be recognized by the Education Innovation Scholar Award, and is expected to help lead the school in response to future world trend education. The international exchange education is meant to give Paiwan children an opportunity in expanding their resources for adapting to the rest of the world, while preserving their native culture. Furthermore, it can help native tribes find their way onto a world stage. Hopefully more schools in the future will also have the chance in exhibiting their unique contributions to the world as well.


Event: 2019 Binmao Middle School- GHF San Francisco Student Exchange Event

Time: Mar. 31, 2019 at 11:00am -12:00pm

Location: 2675 Ralston Ave, Belmont, CA

Videos, Photos: Temmy Yeh, Susan Huang

Article: Julia Cheng

Translator: Valerie Kuo, Jessica Lee

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