此次活動,傳統班是由張凱莉老師主持,從各項準備事宜、構思、到材料的採購,無一不親力親為。讓孩子煮一鍋紫米和白米的飯,將飯糰放在保鮮膜中,加上海苔或素肉鬆,包成球形,然後用手輕輕捏成心形,進而湧現那深藏在內心的「感恩」之情。活動進行之中,和媽媽拍照,一起享受親子共同合作的成果! 大家開心的笑了。








活動名稱: 聖馬刁慈濟人文學校---母親節孝親感恩活動

時間:2019-5-12 上午11:00-12:00

地點:2675 Ralston Ave, Belmont, CA

文稿: 鄭瑞曄

照相、攝影: 雷遠華、葉台美


2019 Mother’s Day Event


The warm May weather is the perfect time for gratitude. On May 12th, Tzu Chi Academy’s traditional and bilingual classes separately held events to celebrate Mother’s Day. In order to make the two events successful, teacher Kelly Chang and Wendy Kang worked together with combined efforts. In the event, there was not just parent-child games, singing, and tea; but also, stressed lessons on teaching children to be thankful for their parents by showing gratitude and respect. The event “Respect and Gratitude Event” began with the showing of “A Mother’s Hand.” It showed that there are a lot of things we are unable to learn, but the presence of a mother pushing a cradle with her hands, also represents the same hands that shape the world. The sounds echoed in the hearts of the parents and left them in a feeling of happiness.


The event by the traditional class saw teacher Kelly Chang as the coordinator. The coordinator committed a lot of time planning and gathering supplies for the activities. The children were shown how to make purple and white rice. They then put the rice in plastic wrap and added seaweed or vegetarian shredded pork. They were able to mold the rice into a heart-shaped ball. The heart shape signified the grateful heart of the children. In the process of this mother and child activity, mothers took pictures with their child and in the end were able to share the joy in completing the activity together.


Another event run by the bilingual classes was run by teacher Wendy Kang. In this event, they wanted to show the beauty in a mother’s love for her child through the use of flowers. The children under the teacher’s instruction were able to learn how to fold flowers and gift them to their mothers. Also music set the mood for the children who showed gratitude to their parents by learning how to properly offer elders tea. The children first bowed to their parents and then offered tea on one knee. The emphasis on the power of love through small gestures like a hug, a kiss, or gratitude can never be replaced.


This weekend possessed events that were both heart-warming and moving. Everyone was happy and children learned about the importance of appreciation. We wish all the mothers in the world a happy Mother’s Day.


Event: 2019 Tzu Chi School Mother’s Day Event

Time: May 12, 2019 at 11:00am -12:00pm

Location: 2675 Ralston Ave, Belmont, CA

Article: Julia Cheng

Photos, Video: W.W.Looi, Temmy Yeh

Translator: Valerie Kuo, Jessica Lee