2020 線上茶道課 --- 歡喜學茶道



線上茶道課--- 歡喜學茶道


2020年10月,聖馬刁慈濟人文學校在人文室郭美玲師姊用心策劃,邀請波特蘭慈濟人文學校茶道老師林芷筠師姊,透過雲端舉辦三場線上茶道課--- 歡喜學茶道。藉由此次人文課,提升人文氣質,引領學生認識靜思茶道。

茶道課教學目標: 靜思養心(mind meditation)、生活禮儀(life etiquette) 、奉茶人文(tea humanities) 、茶學知識(tea knowledge) 。


茶道課一開始播放「靜思淨斯」的音樂強調洗手淨心、靜思養心芷筠老師教大家一個口訣:清潔手清淨心洗手洗心煥然一新;吸入心寧靜 ,呼出口微笑,安住在當下,此刻最美妙

在低年級的班級芷筠老師教導親子茶道、奉茶禮儀還有品德故事講述畢竟父母才是子女天天相處的老師,總歸一句話學習茶道就是在學習一個「禮」字,就是希望小朋友成為一個有禮貌人見人愛的好孩子;中年級的班級則是認識茶及其分類(綠茶、紅茶、黃茶、青茶、烏龍茶、黑茶、白茶)以及教導餐桌禮儀西餐用餐禮儀; 對高年級的班級則是教導茶葉製造泡茶三要素茶的歷史。


第一口要“心發好願”(make good wish)

第二口要“口說好話”(say good word)

第三口要“身行好事”(do good deeds)

還有茶食禮儀:龍口含珠鳳頭飲水以食就口細嚼慢嚥吃多少拿多少安靜食用; 以及善後人文: 物歸原位輕放無聲感恩人文依序出班。

茶道人文課希望孩子們學到什麼?學習生活的理解和態度 、培養茶道生活美學、學習定靜專注功夫、凡事正面思考、懂得感恩、尊重、愛三思而後行。這次我們學習奉茶飲茶的禮儀,用我們的肢體語言表達對父母的尊敬和禮貌 。




活動名稱: 聖馬刁慈濟人文學校線上茶道課--- 歡喜學茶道

時間:2020-10-18,2020-10-25, 2020-11-1 上午10:45-11:30

地點: Zoom Meeting Room

筆耕: 鄭瑞曄

攝影: 雷遠華、梁斌廣



Tea Ceremony through Zoom


    ---  Learning tea etiquette while training one’s inner mind
    ---  Leading students to learn about meditation through tea etiquette

In October 2020, Ms. Meiling Kuo planned for students from the  Tzu Chi Academy, San Mateo classes on tea ceremony and etiquette. Inviting Ms. Tracy Lin from the Tzu Chi Academy, Portland  that  planned three separate classes online to teach about humanistic ideas and temperament through tea ceremony.
The class on procedures and etiquette during a tea ceremony strives to teach the following concepts: mind meditation, life etiquette, tea humanities, and knowledge on tea.

In order to increase participation on the topic, Ms. Tracy Lin specially prepared beginner, intermediate, and upper level materials to accommodate students of all levels; this way, all students can be comfortable when delving into the exploration of tea etiquette.
At the beginning of class, the sound of “Jing Si Jing Si,” or meditation music, could be heard emphasizing washing both your hands and your mind. Ms. Tracy Lin teaches of a formula to living a good life: nourishing one’s mind and body, refreshing oneself and embracing the new, having peace at heart, all while breathing out a smile and living in the present.


In the beginner level class, Ms. Tracy Lin teaches a parent-child tea ceremony and its corresponding etiquette training on personal morals. Ultimately, parents are necessary because they are the daily teachers that exist in a child’s life. In short, the word manner embodies the essence of the lesson as Tzu Chi hopes that students can take that knowledge into learning to be polite, well-loved characters in society. The intermediate class took a different approach and learned about tea and its classifications with some being: green tea, black tea, yellow tea, oolong tea, dark tea, white tea. In addition the students learned both table etiquette and Western dining etiquette as part of their ceremonial learning.

In the upper level class, the students learned primarily about the procedures of tea making, the three elements in making tea, and the history of tea. All the classes above saw students learning about the three important takeaways from tea etiquette: make good wishes, say good words, and do good deeds. Other lessons in life learned through tea etiquette include the proper ways of eating with respect, courtesy, and tradition.

What does the humanities class on tea hope to teach students? It hopes to teach students of etiquette in society while holding a good attitude, concentration on hard work, positive thinking, respect, love, and finally, thinking before acting. Through this class, students learn how to express through body language on how to respect their parents and treat them with well-rounded manners. In the end, Ms. Tracy Lin gave a brief statement on how the strength from overcoming
difficulty will reap sweet benefits like that of chocolate.


Event Name Tea Ceremony through Zoom

Date : 2020-10-18,2020-10-25, 2020-11-1 ,10:45-11:30 am

Location : Zoom Meeting Room

Article : Julia Cheng

Translator : Valerie Kuo

Photo : W.W, Looi 、Darryl Leong