2021- 2022學年度熱烈招生!


                                                   * 網路報名: 於 4/12/2021 10:00AM 開始受理舊生報名。

                                                           於 5/1/2021 10:00AM 開始受理新生報名。

                                            *  註册網站: https://tzuchi.us/academy/san-mateo

                                        * 學生註冊說明: https://tzuchi.us/academy/tutorial                                                       


                                                         2021- 2022 school year registration

                                                    now open!


                                  * Online registration: Current student begins 10:00 AM on 4/12/2021.

                                                                        New student begins 10:00 AM on 5/1/2021.

                                  * Link to register: https://tzuchi.us/academy/san-mateo

                                              * Student Registration Step-by-Step Tutorials:






"Creating a gratifying learning environment full of countless love and great care is our priority goal, which we take it seriously and devote unremitting efforts. Love, care, patience, effort, and gratitude are five guiding principles for our school." from principal.


2021-2022 年度招生小冊(2021-2022 Opening Enrollment Brochure)

  [大愛新聞] 北加州慈濟人文學校靜思語說故事比賽


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